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What are the advantages of wet sprayer?

Issuing time:2019-06-17 16:54

     Wet grouting machine is a comprehensive and better supporting tool for bolting and shotcreting, which can reduce dust concentration, rebound and save materials. It can be used in shotcreting, filling, grouting, pumping and other construction. Wet grouting machine is a common construction equipment product in engineering construction. It is widely used, low construction cost, wide adaptability area, and its advantages are diversity. It has played an important role in various fields of architecture.


   Several advantages of wet sprayer:

    1. Shotcrete machine has simple structure, strong adaptability and wide adaptability area.

    2. High pumping pressure and long distance.

    3. High efficiency: large conveying capacity and high comprehensive efficiency.

    4. High Performance: Shotcrete has high performance, compactness, homogeneity and high strength.

    5. High reliability: The fittings adopt well-known brand, with high equipment and reliability.

    6. Reduce the dust concentration beside the machine and outside the nozzle, to a certain extent, eliminate the hazards to workers'health.

    7. Low resilience. When dry shotcrete is sprayed, the rebound rate of concrete reaches 15%-50%. When wet shotcrete is used, the rebound rate can be reduced to less than 10%. It can save cost effectively and work efficiently.

    8. Cooling hydraulic oil by air cooling is simple and environmentally friendly.

    9. It can be used as a wet sprayer or as a concrete delivery pump.

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