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How to solve the blockage phenomenon of grouting machine?

Issuing time:2019-06-17 17:14

  Customers who need mechanical equipment will ask: what are the reasons for the blockage phenomenon from the opportunity of grouting used in the construction site? What is the situation that causes the blockage of concrete grouting machine? In fact, there are many reasons for the blockage of grouting machine, depending on the situation. In the actual operation of concrete grouting machine, there are often some blockage phenomena, such as rotor blockage, elbow blockage, sand blasting pipe blockage, etc. Henan Weibang detailed analysis of the causes of the problem and solutions.


  The reasons for blockage of the rotor, elbow and conveying pipe of the shotcrete machine are: too large aggregate particle size; too small cross section of the intake pipe, small air supply capacity of the compressor; too low conveying air pressure; too large water content of dry mixtures.

  To solve the problem of excessive aggregate particle size: when the conveyor pipe blockage occurs during the operation of the machine, the machine should stop turning in time, then close the air valve, remove the conveyor pipe from the elbow, then open the air valve, and blow out the stored material in the rotor. After the above steps are completed, check the feeding pipe, tap the blocked part with a wooden stick, loosen or empty the blocked material (note: the pressure value in the feeding pipe should be reduced to 0 before the discharge elbow or pipeline is dismantled). At the end, connect the feeding pipe to the elbow and blow out the loosened material with pressure wind. If the delivery distance exceeds 40 m, the material should be divided into two parts. Stage treatment of conveyor pipes.

  Solutions for small cross-section of intake duct and small air supply capacity of compressor: replacing large cross-section duct and large capacity compressor.

  To solve the problem of low conveying air pressure: stop the operation of motor and air supply pipeline, but if the rotor is blocked, the inlet and upper ducts should be dismantled, and the rotor material chamber should be cleaned with a brush.

  Solution for high moisture content of dry mix material: stop machine rotation, close air valve, if the outlet elbow is blocked, the pipeline should be dismantled, elbow and rotor chamber should be cleared, so as to reduce the water cement ratio of mix material.

  In order not to affect the normal work of the sprayer, in the face of the problems of the sprayer, it is necessary to check in time, find out the reasons, and solve them in time. Maintenance and maintenance should also be carried out when not in use.

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